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isaac posted 18:12, 12 Sep 2007

you're recipes are great ruby!


isaac posted 15:02, 14 Sep 2007

also, I pick way better recipes!


littlemclittle posted 14:31, 19 Sep 2007

Ruby, I'm craving fruit pizza. Lets make it up in Tahoe!


Scott posted 23:42, 20 Sep 2007

hey who's that loser you cut out of your picture? ;)


amy.batule posted 07:52, 25 Sep 2007

yes, i made it and I promise to spread the word in order to help fund operation wedding 2008. love you more.


kwalk8 posted 15:21, 26 Sep 2007

dear ruby, your improvised fruit pizza cookies were the SHIT. way to rock lunch 2.0


littlemclittle posted 23:55, 26 Sep 2007

I just wanted to say "I love Ruby's Boobies" But really, I'm so happy to have you as a friend. And, I still need to try these sticky waffles... can't wait!


mollykane posted 12:35, 04 Oct 2007

Added two!